Sports Vision

Give your sports vision a boost with our extensive range of specialist frames and lenses

Did you know you can improve your sports performance with specialist vision correction solutions, even if you don’t normally wear glasses?

Just look at the professionals whowear specially designed frames and lenses to keep them playing at their highest level, regardless of the conditions.

With years of experience in sports vision, we’re happy to advise you on eyewear correction for any sport.

We’re Varilux specialists

We also offer specialist tints to boost your performance, including:

  • Polarisation: Can cut out unwanted reflections from flat surfaces, such as roads, snow or water.
  • Light absorbing tints: Can help improve vision in bright conditions.
  • Contrast enhancing tints: Will help when light levels are low.
  • Coloured tints: Can help a ball stand out against any background, help you see the undulations of the ground, reduce reflections and prevent glare.
  • Hydrophobic coatings: Ensures rain and fine moisture particles roll off the lens.

These are just a few of the ways we can help your sports vision. During your appointment, we’ll figure out an individual solution to address your specific needs.